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2021 Year in Review: A stronger and future-focused National Landcare Network

Blog | 12 Dec 2021 |

Despite the challenges of 2021, the National Landcare Network finished the year in strong shape, with increased organisational capacity, a number of strong new partnerships, three new energised board members and a future-focused strategy.

Representative of Community Landcare, the NLN felt the impact of social restrictions which hampered on-ground activity and face-to-face meetings. Yet despite this, the Community Landcare movement showed itself to be incredibly adaptive. As more Australians sought to connect to their local environment and community for greater resilience and wellbeing, the longstanding Landcare movement further secured its relevance and attracted new members.

With stronger partnerships and a more direct line to politicians since the launch of the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare, the NLN look forward to providing even stronger representation to deliver outcomes for Community Landcare in 2022.

View the 2021 National Landcare Network Annual Report.

A strengthened team of experienced staff

Earlier this year Dr Kristin den Exter joined the NLN as Partnerships Manager and among a wide range of other projects has primary carriage for the Shaping the Future of Landcare project. Melissa Gulbin joined the NLN in September this year to provide in-house communications and marketing capacity.  As well as a partner with Landcare Australia Limited and affected State and Territory organisations, the NLN employed under secondment Rowan Ewing and Thalie Partridge to support the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery project.

Saying goodbye to longstanding Directors and introducing three new members

The 2021 reporting period represented a milestone for the National Landcare Network, signalling the  expiration of the third 2-year term of two of our founding Directors - Keith Brady OAM, our Western Australian Landcare Network Director nominee, and also of Sue Mckinnon, our Landcare Northern Territory Director nominee.

NLN Chair Dr Patrick O’Connor, said, “The contributions of both Sue and Keith to their State and Territory Landcare Peak bodies cannot be overstated, nor to can their contribution to the National Landcare Network, and to grassroots landcare across the nation in those roles."

“As well we farewell from the NLN Board Dr Kaye Rodden who has been the Landcare Victoria nominee to the NLN Board for the nearly two terms, and equally has made a massive contribution to landcare within her State over many years and at the national level,” he said.

“It is a measure of the depth of skill and commitment embedded within the National Landcare Network, that the NLN is privileged to have the support of, that I was able to announce at the pre AGM Board meeting the board has accepted the following exceptional nominations; Jane Carney, Landcare Victoria; Louise Duxbury, West Australian Landcare Network; and Annie Andrews, Landcare Northern Territory, to the Board of the NLN," said Dr O'Connor.

Read more about our new representatives

Thank you for your immense contributions Keith, Sue and Kaye.

New Partnerships to tackle sustainability challenges

NLN's new Partnerships Manager, Kristin den Exter, increased our focus on collaboration and engagement with national organisations working on climate, soils, sustainable agriculture, and natural resource management challenges.

In October, the NLN signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading agricultural research, education and advocacy organisation, the Mulloon Institute. The MoU will deliver Catchment Scale Restoration and Rehydration Pilots across the country.

The National Landcare Network and the Mulloon Institute will work together to identify potential catchment partners in conjunction with the relevant State and Territory Landcare Organisations.

Read more about the Mulloon partnership

Another key strategic partnership includes an MoU with Farmers for Climate Action which will strengthen the capacity for farmers to lead climate solutions. Intended outcomes of the Farmers For Climate Action MoU include collaborative  planning for webinars on key topics, the development and advancement of policy, cross-pollination of information across networks, and jointly advocating for better coordination of NRM funding across all stakeholders. 

2020-2021 Highlights
  • We listened to the views of the Landcare community and initiated a ‘shaping the future of Landcare ‘ project to map out a way forward to 2030.
  • We worked with Landcare Australia and State and Territory peak bodies to secure funding for a $14 million Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery program, and rollout those funds to projects across seven bushfire affected regions.
  • We supported and facilitated an active and  engaged Members Council, which met regularly to share information and undertake work on matters of importance to all members, including the future of Landcare, the National Landcare Program and key partnerships and collaborations.
  • We promoted the value of community Landcare in the delivery of community wellbeing, environmental resilience, and sustainable agriculture.
  • We engaged directly with government on policy and program development and advocated for Landcare in consultations and enquiries.
  • We provided $711,612 in funding to state and territory peak Landcare bodies, as part of our agreement under the National Landcare Program Phase Two to build their capacity, enable them to undertake Landcare projects and support their participation in the National Landcare Network.
  • We resumed negotiations on behalf of our members on the formation of a   single voice for Landcare at the national level. A single voice remainsour objective, and we continue to explore ways to progress that aim.
  • We redeveloped our communications resources, engaged an inhouse communications manager, and increased our presence on social media.
  • We welcomed MaryLou Gittens OAM to the board as Queensland Water and Land Carers’ nominee. And we mourned the loss of Geoff Elliot, a long-standing champion of Landcare and valued board member.
  • We celebrated the launch of the Parliamentary Friends of Landcare in Canberra, sharing the Landcare vision with friends old and new. 

We look forward to giving a strong voice to Community Landcare in 2022.

Download the 2021 National Landcare Network Annual Report

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