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National Landcare Network partners with Mulloon Institute to deliver restoration and rehydration projects

Blog | 18 Nov 2021 |

Community Landcare representative organisation, National Landcare Network (NLN), is pleased to announce it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with leading agricultural research, education and advocacy organisation, the Mulloon Institute.

The MoU will deliver Catchment Scale Restoration and Rehydration Pilots across the country.

The National Landcare Network and the Mulloon Institute will work together to identify potential catchment partners in conjunction with the relevant State and Territory Landcare Organisations. 

The collaboration will identify local and regional Landcare capacity for pilot catchment projects and engage the relevant grassroots Landcare communities in the establishment of large-scale catchment models in each state of Australia with multiple landholders.

The Project also provides primary education locations for all priority stakeholders, farmers, community, schools, universities. 

Chief Executive Officer of the National Landcare Network, Jim Adams, said, “Increasingly, Community Landcarers are looking for assistance to become more resilient to drought and climate impacts. We are excited to be partnering with the Mulloon Institute – a leader in regenerative agricultural education – to ensure our Community Landcarers get the help they need to adopt best practices for the restoration and rehydration of their catchment areas.”

Carolyn Hall, CEO of the Mulloon Institute, said, “We are excited to be working with the National Landcare Network to deliver greater catchment-scale restoration in the face of increasing climate challenges. The NLN, representing grassroots Landcarers from all States and Territories, have the local knowledge and the networks to create great environmental and agricultural impact.”

The partnership will explore opportunities to collaborate on securing funding for a further roll out of the project nationally and to expand on the initial project components to continue to grow the project nationally. 

The Mulloon Institute is one of just five organisations globally selected by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, an initiative of the UN, as a demonstrator of sustainable and profitable agriculture. Their work restores degraded land, helps retain water in the landscape and helps farmers prepare for the eventuality of drought and natural disasters.

They are focussed on creating a climate resilient agricultural sector to protect Australia’s food and water security and environment.

Partnering with global leaders in agricultural research, they promote sustainable, regenerative land management practices where agriculture and the environment are working in unison for the best outcomes, agriculturally and environmentally. 

Both Mulloon and the NLN are committed to adapting to new and changing environmental landscapes to provide substantial social and community benefits across the country. “

As a first step, we look forward to working with our State and Territory Landcare organisations to identify the pilot sites around the country,” Mr Adams said.

Mulloon Institute to deliver restoration 

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