Landcare is a community-based approach to managing and protecting our natural resources.

Who We Are

The National Landcare Network is the peak representative body for community Landcare groups across Australia. 

A United Voice

Community Landcare in Australia

The National Landcare Network gives a voice for Community Landcare across the country with over 2000 active State and Territory Landcare Organisation members representing 6000 plus individual Landcare groups and over 160000 Landcarers across Australia. 

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Our Vision

Communities acting to improve and sustain healthy productive landscapes

Our Mission

To be the representative, effective and trusted national voice for the Landcare community.

Our Purpose

The driving purpose of the NLN is to represent, support and foster the community Landcare movement. To achieve this, we need to be trusted and valued by our members, by the community and by the Federal Government as the national peak body.
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Our Objectives


Identify and resolve issues and challenges relating to, and to promote, the conservation, restoration, and economically and socially sustainable management of land.


The NLN membership comprises each State and Territory peak Landcare body who come together to share their successes and support one another in overcoming challenges. Collectively, they represent community Landcare across the country and seek to foster, support and strengthen the knowledge, resources and capabilities of the Landcare movement and the thousands of volunteers who are at its heart.


The NLN acknowledges that Indigenous people have cared for and managed this continent for millennia and continue to care for their country today. We respect Traditional Owners’ knowledge, skills and responsibilities in land and sea management and their role in leading the planning and caring for country across Australia.

What We Do

The NLN represents community Landcare across the country and seeks to foster, support and strengthen the knowledge, resources and capabilities of the Landcare movement and the thousands of volunteers who are at its heart.

Core Values

The NLN embodies the values of the broader Landcare movement. We deliver our work within the context provided by our values


Promoting the views and needs of the grassroots Landcare movement and its core philosophies of local decision making, community volunteerism and community benefits (ground up).


The views we represent are developed through consultation with our members.

Non-Party Political

The diverse perspectives of Landcare communities inform the movement’s bi-partisan approach and are not specific to any political party.


We build, share, and apply evidence-based knowledge – traditional and new.

Networked & Collaborative

Connecting people with people and with the landscape, bonding within networks and bridging across them.


We are inclusive of all persons and groups with similar aims and objectives as ours.

Focused on Making a Difference

Producing real outcomes for the environment, for our Landcare communities, for the broader Australian community, for our partners and for government.

Traditional Custodianship

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of all the lands and waters on which we live, work, and manage. We recognise their deep connections, physical, and cultural to those lands and waters, and commit to learning, sharing and applying knowledge and practices of traditional custodianship in all we do and advocate for.

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