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Community Landcare reveals its $48m Futures Framework proposal

Blog | 18 Mar 2022 |


The National Landcare Network has announced its Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework proposal ahead of the Federal Election. If adopted, it would see a $48million investment over five years in addition to, and complementing, the existing Regional Land Partnership program.

Download the Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework  

The Framework is underpinned by three priority initiatives:

Landcare Futures Community Investment Initiative

Landcare Futures Environmental Markets Leadership Initiative

Landcare Futures Innovation Initiative

National Landcare Network CEO, Jim Adams, said,

"There has never been a more important time or greater opportunity to support local communities to contribute to community-based natural resource management and community resilience."

The proposal has been co-designed by all Landcare State and Territory Organisations to ensure land managers are well placed to participate in carbon markets and emerging Agricultural and Biodiversity Stewardship Programs; to assist delivery of the National Drought Strategy, the Threatened Species Strategy, and the National Soils Strategy and to shift the needle on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration as we work towards Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target.

For over 30 years Landcare has delivered the Australian Community, and successive Australian Governments, exceptional value and return on investment. Not only in terms of natural resource management, but also community resilience and health and well-being. Throughout 2021, the National Landcare Network with State and Territory Landcare Organisations have been listening to the Australian Landcare community.

We have heard a loud and united call for targeted investment in Landcare to enhance capacity into the future. Investment to ensure Landcare is partnering with Government to deliver grassroots natural resource management programs for the benefit of communities, the environment and for productive landscapes.


Chairman of the National Landcare Network, Patrick O'Connor called on the elected Government to implement the Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework, which he said would result in "targeted, efficient, and effective local actions and partnerships, at regional scales that build community resilience through driving local solutions to meet today’s social, and environmental challenges."

Dr O'Connor emphasised that the framework proposal leveraged the demonstrated capacity of the unified community Landcare Network.

"The Framework builds on the success of the National Landcare Network in creating a national unified community Landcare network, and the promising outcomes of the Landcare-led Bushfire Recovery Project. The Australian Landcare Futures Framework will widen the roll-out of co-design and collaboration between the State and Territory and National Landcare organisations."

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