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Join the Futures Framework campaign: Become a #LandcareFutures champion

Blog | 1 Jun 2022 |
The strength of the Community Landcare movement lies in its network. Together we can raise our voices to see that our important environmental and social work is adequately funded!

With many new members of Parliament since the election, it's a great time to let our communities and our local members know : "Now Is the Time to Invest in Community Landcare".

This guide aims to make it easy for you to join the #LandcareFutures campaign on social media.

We encourage you to personalise your social media post with a photo of yourself holding our #LandcareFutures sign:

Download the #LandcareFutures sign here 

How to join the Social Media campaign

Step 1: Download the #LandcareFutures sign

Step 2: Print it out or display on an iPad or tablet,

Step 3: Take a photo or a video holding up the sign

Step 4: Write a post about the importance of Community Landcare (sample below)

Step 5: Use the #LandcareFutures hashtag

Step 6: Tag your local member: Find out your local member of Parliament here.

Step 7: Tag: the National Landcare Network

Step 8: Post and share, share, share.

What to write?

We encourage you to write a post that speak to your community and bioregion. Here is a sample:

Now is the time to invest in Community Landcare!

Community Landcarers are united in our call for targeted investment in Landcare to enhance our capacity to deliver grassroots natural resource management programs.

Let's see Government invest in the communities which are doing the work on the ground.  If we are to effectively prepare and respond to climate impacts and natural disasters, government needs to invest in the 6,000 local groups and 160,000 volunteers that are improving environmental and social outcomes in their communities.

Read about our Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework proposal:  https://www.nln.org.au/post/framework-announcement

#Landcare Futures

Some tips and links to join the campaign across social media channels


Keep your message positive and diplomatic!

Use hashtag: #LandcareFutures

Follow us on: @NetworkLandcare

Environment Minister to tag: @tanya_plibersek


Follow and share National Landcare Network campaign posts: https://www.facebook.com/NationalLandcareNetwork

  • Consider sharing our posts as Facebook Stories
  • Use Tag: #LandcareFutures


Follow @nationallandcarenetwork at https://www.instagram.com/nationallandcarenetwork/

It would be great to see as many Landcarers take a photo of themselves holding up our #LandcareFutures sign. 

  • Use Tag: #LandcareFutures


A great place to have those more serious conversations about the content of the Framework and to tell your own stories of impact.

Read the Landcare Futures Framework for more 

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