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Landcare movement welcomes Budget commitment to address environmental challenges

Blog | 26 Oct 2022 |


October 26, 2022

The National Landcare Network (NLN) welcomes the Government’s budget commitments, which see them following through on their election promise to address environmental challenges in the 2022-23 Budget -- with funding announced for climate action, the extinction crisis, the environment, biosecurity, sustainable farming, and community resilience.

The NLN is particularly excited to see the announcement for the Landcare Facilitator and Landcare Rangers program.

During last night’s Budget statement, the Government announced $90 million over 5 years from 2022-23 to employ and upskill up to 1,000 Landcare Rangers to deliver on ground actions to protect and restore Australia's environment and heritage and help address labour and skill shortages in the environment sector, and to fund the Landcare Facilitator to coordinate community Landcare activities and improve knowledge sharing.

NLN CEO Jim Adams said “We are pleased to see this budget announcement that aligns with the National Landcare Network’s Australian Community Landcare Futures Framework which was co-designed with all Landcare State and Territory Organisations.

“It is pleasing also to see the commitment of the outcomes of the Samuels Review and the ongoing commitment to the 30/30 outcomes and no more extinctions, reflected in the threatened species plan.”

“We welcome the fact that -- despite economic challenges -- the Federal Government sees value in sustainable land management, reflected in its commitment to provide $1.1 billion over 6 years from 2022-23 to continue to support the sustainable management of Australia's natural resources as well as local and long-term environmental, sustainable agriculture and Indigenous outcomes through the next phase of Natural Heritage Trust funding.”

National Landcare Network Chair Annie Andrews said, “The iconic community Landcare movement, which is agile, place-based and community-led, will work with delivery partners on solutions towards the government’s environmental and resilience goals.

“The National Landcare Network looks forward to working with the government and department on co-design and implementation to address the country’s significant environmental challenges,” she said.

Highlights of the budget for the Landcare community include:

  • $604.2 million over 5 years from 2023-24 to Protect and conserve Australia's iconic species and landscapes, continue and enhance the Indigenous Protected Areas program to support Traditional Owners to manage their Country
  • Support for the transition of the agricultural sector towards sustainable farming and land management practices
  • 1,000 Landcare Rangers and funding the Landcare Facilitators
  • Expansion the Indigenous Protected Areas program
  • Disaster Ready Fund for Disaster resilience
  • Strengthening of Australia’s frontline biosecurity capability

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